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ACRONIM : Aquitaine’s Care and Research organisation for inflammatory and Immune-Mediated diseases

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ACRONIM, developed in close cooperation/connection with the Health Regional Agency of Aquitaine, the Aquitaine Health Insurance System (Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie d’Aquitaine) and the Aquitaine region, has been organized:

  • to propose new health care organizations throughout the entire territory for improving the coverage of population needs and the care of patients with chronic IDs.
    ACRONIM correspond with the next hospital project, i.e., the development of out-of-hospital medical management patient-centred, optimization of the territory hospital community, and complementarity between community medicine and the hospital

Itinerary of a patient within the FHU


Download the scheme.

Health organization within the FHU

Download the scheme.

  • to integrate the telemedicine regional project
  • to federate many medical specialities from the University Hospital of Bordeaux around a single mobilizing project, which focuses on research, care, organization and teaching regarding inflammatory and immune- mediated diseases.
    Approximately fifteen clinical specialties and eleven research units are directly involved in a single project. This provides the basis for strengthening excellence in clinical immunology and chronic inflammation
  • to develop unusual new transdisciplinary initiative and collaborations within different components of the new Bordeaux University.
    These components include computer research (LABRI, INR), psychosociology, philosophy of science, immunology, medical imaging and medical units
  • to develop cooperation with young regional companies, particularly those supported by “Aquitaine Science Transfert investment committee”, such as Novaptech or Aesia