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ACRONIM : Aquitaine’s Care and Research organisation for inflammatory and Immune-Mediated diseases

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The core theme of the ACRONIM FHU project is to improve future inflammatory disease care with a specific focus on the early stages of the diseases.

Investigating pathogenesis across all inflammatory diseases will allow the cross-field coordination of projects independently of the phenotype of the disease. The constitution of a database and collection of samples from patients with early inflammatory diseases will allow us to build a unique foundation for identifying biomarkers predictive for the risk of developing a specific disorder, and that will eventually be shared across different diseases.

Through ACRONIM, we decided to remove barriers between specialists to refocus care and investigation of inflammatory diseases around a dominant duo represented by the patient and the general practitioner. This original aspect of the project justifies several actions:

  • a close collaboration with the Department of General Medicine of the University of Bordeaux
  • the investment of the Health Regional Agency (ARS) in the care organization
  • an economic evaluation by health insurance
  • the transfer to a regional company involved in medical devices or e-health

In the same manner, we want to remove barriers between researchers, and between physicians and researchers.
We all share the same eagerness to work together in close connection to solve the human health problems of inflammatory diseases.